It is worth increase relationship as they net CJ some of use benefits

After towards the a romantic date, face your own girlfriend that have a gift selected on your own index. Drive this new L1 / Pound / Case option when caused and you will a primary cutscene will have where CJ gift ideas her or him the present. Immediately after out of the cinematic, press L1 / Pound / Tab again in order to hug the girlfriend. This may promote a small boost on the date’s get.

Out of times, girls commonly ring CJ in the event the he hasn’t seen him or her into the a beneficial when you are. In the event that he continues to ignore him or her, the relationship meter will fatigue, so you are going to need to make sure to remain in daily.

Most girlfriends gives a different cheer when you begin matchmaking him or her. Once its Dating meter strikes 50%, they plus give you a collection of keys to their automobile, that’s available facing their property. Fundamentally, on 100%, might promote a unique gown centred around its community or hobbies.

When the a good girlfriend passes away, they’ll certainly be deceased forever, making it really worth rescuing before-going with the a romantic date. Love passions has actually plenty of health, you ought not to care too-much, but it is better to be safe than simply sorry.

How-to Day Denise

The initial girlfriend possible stumble on during the Grand Theft Vehicles: San Andreas try Denise. CJ match their unique into the Consuming Desire mission, saving their particular out of a losing building and you will riding their own back again to their own household. After the objective, she will ask this new protagonist whether or not the guy desires meet up once again, compelling the two yet. She life merely down the road of Grove Highway.

Since Denise is the earliest girlfriend on games, she acts as anything out of a tutorial to the love mechanic and isn’t picky regarding the CJ’s physical appearance and/or factors she really does with your. During the driving dates, need their particular around the roadways from the their unique family. For many who mix possibly of your own bridges and you may head on the Eastern Los Santos, her glee commonly miss, so make sure to ensure that it it is regional.

This lady has a different time types of, asking CJ to join her into the doing push-bys. She’ll talk about it as you might be driving thus far metropolitan areas, bending out of the windows to help you shoot members of competitor gangs. If the she eliminates enough group people, it does amount while the a date and you may get their house early.

In terms of her advantages, you won’t receive any perks to have relationships Denise. Although not, in the event the Relationship meter is at 50%, she will provide the secrets to their unique Hustler. If this are at 100%, you’ll receive the fresh pimp clothes. Take a look at desk below having Denise’s preferences:

How exactly to Big date Katie

Among the many two optional girlfriends found in San Fierro, you might come across Katie if you’re she actually is starting yoga when you look at the Avispa Country Bar. If you prefer any let trying to find their, the woman is merely up the mountain left of your own entry so you can San Fierro’s Cobra Fighting styles Fitness center. While muscular enough, she’ll want to know out, letting you pick her up during the their particular house because of the Gant Bridge.

The main what you should consider with Katie is actually you to she likes restaurants and you may dislikes operating quick. As for the best places to simply take their own to your driving objectives, the easiest service seems to be Gant Connection. For those who do not know in which Gant Connection is, you’ll view it whenever choosing Katie upwards because it’s simply left away from their domestic. It’s Rockstar’s riff with the Wonderful Door Bridge, which shouldn’t be way too hard to identify.

When you get this new riding hobby, much slower push along the bridge and you may right back. By the point your go back, the fun meter are going to be occupied.

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